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Samuel Allerton

Warrior Angel on Ladder Bronze


"Sculpture | 2014, Bronze, 60cm x 15 cm, Edition 30 

Available in a variety of patinas, please contact us for more information.

In all of Samuel̻s work there is most often a direct reference to nature - he either openly pays homage to nature or fights for its cause through social commentary by highlighting man̻s horrific abuse and neglect.He approaches his work from two very different formal perspectives resulting in two styles which, although seem to be polar opposites,both say the same thing. His sculptures tend to be simple,contemplative, often solemn - drawing influences fromartists like Mark Rothko, Henry Moore, Anthony Gormley, Isamu Naguchi and Brancusi .His drawings and paintings on the otherhand are direct, impulsive outbursts, eithershouting at the world for help or reprimandingman for his hypocrisies and blatant injustices towards nature and towards each other. These pieces are more aggressive, overt, explicit. These drawings are honest, often shocking and always intimate. Samuel combines quirk, primitive and contemporary symbolism, deliberate sentimentality and emotion to through the personal touch on the universal.

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